Negative consequences of avoiding saying “NO” to your child


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Inability to say no is the disease of modern parents. Many of them have grown in a poor family or have been mistreated by their own family so they have given an oath – to let their children have every little thing and positive experience they need. But modern parents do not concentrate on raising a good person as much as their parents did. Instead, we can afford a lot to ourselves in this individualist culture, and giving it all to our kids seems to be the least we can do for them.

Parents’ inability to say “no” practically excludes every type of disciplining children. How can we make children comply with the rules if we cannot reject their desires? Unable to say no, parents rise narcissistic kids who do not think about anyone but themselves and have a distorted understanding of values and morality. Pleasing our kids is a right job, but an average reasonable parent has to say “no” every now and then. There are ways to better explain to kids why some things are bad, but the phrase “No. You cannot do it” is inevitable in many contexts.

Under the patronage of overprotective parents, children develop undesirable personality traits. Selfishness, narcissism, violence, manipulation and more traits shape the child that is not accustomed to hearing “no” from their parents. Such children are, therefore, not ready to cooperate and work in a team with others. They do not know how to make a compromise, help others, and work for the common good.

Mental health and competitive sport: how do victories and defeats shape our brain?


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Competitive sport is what most parents want to push their children into. Playing football, basketball, or rugby ingrains strong team-building skills, teaches resistance, and enables to master emotions. Sports build the character of a leader, a personality capable of handling failures and moving forward whatever it takes. These skills are useful to kids, and it is always worth trying to enroll the child in a competitive sporting section if they are interested in any. As for adults, their character and mind can be not ready for competitive sports at all.

People who do not like competition would not benefit from competitive sports. Perhaps, they are introverts who are most productive and successful working on their own. For them, competitive sports is a stress they cannot handle. Narcissistic people will do no good for the competition as well. They cannot adequately react to a failure, and no sports can teach them such skill. On the other hand, we have people open to learning and new experience. They will greatly benefit from playing out with mates in their free time. They will find a great deal of socialization and support working with the coach and team.

The list of competitive sports is a long one. Except for aggressive football and baseball, there are badminton, bowling, field hockey, golf, skiing, swimming, water polo, and even dancing. Every person open to a new experience can find the one that will bring them strength, determination, and anti-stress.

Is narcissistic personality disorder more common than we thought? What are the signs of this problem?


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Psychologists have recently put up the issue of narcissistic personality saying that we face the epidemics of narcissism. Indeed, the features of a narcissist personality are characteristic of the current individualist society. Under the label of a “narcissist” fall people who are in love with their idealized self-image. These people escape looking vulnerable in any way by declaring their own brilliance and superiority. In fact, narcissists are the ones who once did not receive enough love and feel entitled to win common admiration for no matter what.

To give a few signs of a narcissist personality, such people take over in any conversation. They love talking about themselves and consider themselves a top authority in every topic. A narcissist does not give others a chance to speak up or does not consider an alternative point at all. People with a narcissist personality love taking trophies and create a false idealized image of themselves. Considering themselves grandiose, they are intolerant to criticism and indifference of others. In such case, narcissists express negative emotions without restraint and break the rules.

At first sight, these are quite common personality traits that occur in many people to some extent. In some cases, however, people develop a narcissistic personality disorder that drags other mental problems, like depression. When communication with other people inevitably fails, it is always the signal that something is wrong. In most cases, narcissists do not seek the help of therapists but they certainly show up to the counseling session when overwhelmed by depression or alcohol use.

Is monogamy possible?


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Mating for life is absolutely possible and advantageous for many humans. No matter whether a couple, a family, or a circle of friends, fewer the people are engaged in a relationship, the stronger is the connection between them. Preferring the only sweetheart to multiple sexual partners, people get involved in a stronger, safer, and more intimate bond. Biologically, it is still possible that humans are only a sort of polygamous animals. Nevertheless, the ability to mate for life describes people as social beings who have other concerns than reproduction.

Only 5% of species are described by scientists as monogamous. Beside humans, beavers, wolves, and some bats belong there. Though polygamy might have brought us the same biological benefits it has given to most animals, monogamy is more about emotional and social reward – the things that we value most in our complex societies. Loyalty and devotion mean a lot to our emotional integrity and contribute to stronger social connections. Many people consider having a dinner with their only sweetheart or going together for a cup of tea much more rewarding than having sex with multiple partners they would consider physically attractive. That is how we maintain monogamy in human interaction and how we prioritize it above other types of bonding.

Obviously, people are not 100% monogamous. There is a huge segment of individuals looking for dominance and appreciation and getting them through a diverse sexual experience. These people are potentially capable of mating for life as well but they rather cannot see the benefit in doing so. Some other people cannot get along with the opposite sex for a long time because they cannot communicate effectively or make a compromise. Individual character and communication traits make many people incompatible in the long run, even though they could make a lifelong bond. That is why the issue of mating is so difficult in humans that are the most diverse living creatures so far.

Is depression affected by gender?


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A number of psychiatric studies have confirmed that women are at least twice as much predisposed to depression as men are. Gender differences reveal mostly during reproductive years, which proves that hormones play a considerable role in regulating mental health. Nevertheless, a hormonal change alone does not cause depression. There must be a major life event or a stressful occasion triggering the disease. There are more gender-specific factors behind depression.

Puberty is a major change in boys and girls, but girls are the first to reach it, thus, more likely to develop depression at this age. Occasional mood swings are normal for teenagers, but issues like emerging sexuality, increased academic pressure, and common appreciation often trigger depression in girls. The gender gap in depression that arises in puberty lasts until menopause. The thing is cyclical changes in estrogen and progesterone disrupt the interchange of chemicals in the brain which makes it harder for women to control their mood.

But still, puberty is nothing compared to pregnancy. At this time, a female body undergoes dramatic changes that pose a risk of developing depression during pregnancy. Woman’s lifestyle changes as she stops to take in any medication and becomes rather vulnerable and isolated. Postpartum depression is another female-only condition. Having given birth to a baby, women undergo another major change in their body, and depression can last for months from this moment on.

Transition to menopause is the final point where women are more likely to experience depression than men. On the wrong side of 60, both men and women are highly vulnerable to developing the condition due to a weak physical health, isolation, or neglect. Life circumstances and social factors may also cause depression in women of reproductive age. Unequal status, work overload, and physical abuse are more likely to happen to women than to men.

What order would I use to write a compare and contrast essay?


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Research proposal example


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Purchase application essay


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Paper topics


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