Conflicts in “Ella Minnow Pea”


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To begin with, two most common conflicts are internal and external. The major theme of the novel “Ella Minnow Pea” is the dangers of totalitarianism. The government is trying to control every sphere of life leaving the citizens no right for the freedom of speech, as well as choice. Thus, they become trapped in the society in which every single move is dictated by the government. More and more non-democratic laws are being passed. Yet, people are too scared to do something about it. It seems that the only way out is to obey. Well, one at least will not have any troubles in such a way.

Speaking about the internal conflict in the novel, it is the frustration of the citizens who are willing to change the current regime but are too afraid to actually start doing something. The external conflict is the abuse of power which is masterfully used by the government so that to control the citizens and make them live their lives having no opportunity to be free. However, someone is definitely going to rebel so that to change the existing way of life. Yet, the question is: What will the price for that freedom be?

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Chelsea on Golden Pond psychology


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Best college essay


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