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Essays are of different types. They range from educational, informative and academic to leisure. As people advance in growth there arises need to buy an essay about some topic. Some of the reasons that a parent, take for instance, might buy an essay are to improve in parenting and child care. Pregnant mothers buy essays to inform them on the dos and don’ts during the nine months. When a parent looses a baby they might buy an essay to help them cope with the tough time. After losing a spouse the partner might buy essays to help in parenting of the child of the opposite sex. Again this widower or widow might buy essays to relax the brain to drift from thinking too much. Newlyweds might buy essays to provide tips about living a happy marriage together. Secondly, lectures are forced to buy essays. There are different reasons to buy essays. For revision purposes, a lecturer might buy an essay for each and every student to get the right format for the essay writing job.
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Lectures have accepted that there is no correct way of writing. For this reason, they buy essays to compare their work with that of other writes. Business firms and enterprises are not left behind since they are among those who buy essays. Some of the topics of the essays might include how to fight competition to gain a competitive advantage. Managers of these firms buy essays on conflict and change management. A new employee might buy an essay to get tips on how to keep the job. Everybody has to buy an essay on life skills. For this reason it is inevitable to buy an essay

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