Is narcissistic personality disorder more common than we thought? What are the signs of this problem?


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Psychologists have recently put up the issue of narcissistic personality saying that we face the epidemics of narcissism. Indeed, the features of a narcissist personality are characteristic of the current individualist society. Under the label of a “narcissist” fall people who are in love with their idealized self-image. These people escape looking vulnerable in any way by declaring their own brilliance and superiority. In fact, narcissists are the ones who once did not receive enough love and feel entitled to win common admiration for no matter what.
To give a few signs of a narcissist personality, such people take over in any conversation. They love talking about themselves and consider themselves a top authority in every topic. A narcissist does not give others a chance to speak up or does not consider an alternative point at all. People with a narcissist personality love taking trophies and create a false idealized image of themselves. Considering themselves grandiose, they are intolerant to criticism and indifference of others. In such case, narcissists express negative emotions without restraint and break the rules.
At first sight, these are quite common personality traits that occur in many people to some extent. In some cases, however, people develop a narcissistic personality disorder that drags other mental problems, like depression. When communication with other people inevitably fails, it is always the signal that something is wrong. In most cases, narcissists do not seek the help of therapists but they certainly show up to the counseling session when overwhelmed by depression or alcohol use.

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