Negative consequences of avoiding saying “NO” to your child


Posted by admin | Posted in Education, Psychology | Posted on 11-12-2017


Inability to say no is the disease of modern parents. Many of them have grown in a poor family or have been mistreated by their own family so they have given an oath – to let their children have every little thing and positive experience they need. But modern parents do not concentrate on raising a good person as much as their parents did. Instead, we can afford a lot to ourselves in this individualist culture, and giving it all to our kids seems to be the least we can do for them.
Parents’ inability to say “no” practically excludes every type of disciplining children. How can we make children comply with the rules if we cannot reject their desires? Unable to say no, parents rise narcissistic kids who do not think about anyone but themselves and have a distorted understanding of values and morality. Pleasing our kids is a right job, but an average reasonable parent has to say “no” every now and then. There are ways to better explain to kids why some things are bad, but the phrase “No. You cannot do it” is inevitable in many contexts.
Under the patronage of overprotective parents, children develop undesirable personality traits. Selfishness, narcissism, violence, manipulation and more traits shape the child that is not accustomed to hearing “no” from their parents. Such children are, therefore, not ready to cooperate and work in a team with others. They do not know how to make a compromise, help others, and work for the common good.