Is monogamy possible?


Posted by admin | Posted in Psychology, Relationships | Posted on 11-12-2017


Mating for life is absolutely possible and advantageous for many humans. No matter whether a couple, a family, or a circle of friends, fewer the people are engaged in a relationship, the stronger is the connection between them. Preferring the only sweetheart to multiple sexual partners, people get involved in a stronger, safer, and more intimate bond. Biologically, it is still possible that humans are only a sort of polygamous animals. Nevertheless, the ability to mate for life describes people as social beings who have other concerns than reproduction.
Only 5% of species are described by scientists as monogamous. Beside humans, beavers, wolves, and some bats belong there. Though polygamy might have brought us the same biological benefits it has given to most animals, monogamy is more about emotional and social reward – the things that we value most in our complex societies. Loyalty and devotion mean a lot to our emotional integrity and contribute to stronger social connections. Many people consider having a dinner with their only sweetheart or going together for a cup of tea much more rewarding than having sex with multiple partners they would consider physically attractive. That is how we maintain monogamy in human interaction and how we prioritize it above other types of bonding.
Obviously, people are not 100% monogamous. There is a huge segment of individuals looking for dominance and appreciation and getting them through a diverse sexual experience. These people are potentially capable of mating for life as well but they rather cannot see the benefit in doing so. Some other people cannot get along with the opposite sex for a long time because they cannot communicate effectively or make a compromise. Individual character and communication traits make many people incompatible in the long run, even though they could make a lifelong bond. That is why the issue of mating is so difficult in humans that are the most diverse living creatures so far.