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It is no news that junior college students are not adequately knowledgeable on a number of subjects given that they have been privy to a large body of knowledge as opposed to their senior counterparts. Subsequently, this poor lot often find themselves in a tricky situation whereby they cannot tackle complicated essay topics that require deeper understanding of the underlying concept. I am no exception here- I cannot write my paper to address some essay topics which I know very little about.
Examples of essay topics where I experience difficulty include chemistry, technology and physical sciences. From the time I joined intermediate school to date, the best I can score in the final examination when I write my paper in one of the essay topics is 47%. The same applies to scores of colleagues whenever they are given an opportunity to write my paper on any of these essay topics.
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This is clear indication that our current entry behavior cannot support the understanding of these essay topics by students, thus an urgent need to have other external agency write my paper for better quality and scores.
After a comprehensive search online, I came to realize that there are so many virtual companies that can write my paper on any of these essay topics. It is no secret that the companies write my paper with due diligence and within the shortest possible time than I would have spent if I were to write my paper alone on any of these essay topics. Suffice it to say, better grades is the motivation behind me contracting online companies to write my paper on the highlighted essay topics.

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